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Could you use an experienced coach for your unconscious mind?

If you’ve made the conscious decision to change something about your life but you’re feeling like there is something holding you back, perhaps it’s time to give hypnosis a try.

Because sometimes willpower alone isn’t enough to rewire those stubborn unconscious scripts that seem to be sabotaging your efforts.

Now more than ever, physicians and psychotherapists are referring patients to hypnotherapy for a variety of issues including pain management, weight loss, smoking cessation, insomnia, and stress management. 

That’s because hypnosis is grounded in the belief that the most successful healing and the most dramatic changes happens when you become your own health advocate.

Many of the people I work with walk into my office feeling hopeless, beaten down by their perceived failures, and skeptical about whether or not I’ll be able to help them.

When they leave an hour later they’re feeling focused, calmer, and more resolved to succeed in their goals and to live the life they want to lead. 

(Check out my testimonials if you're interested in how my clients describe their work with me.)

If you’re interested in working with me, feel free to sign up for my site. You’ll receive a monthly email from me with simple things you can do NOW to manage habits and feel better.

You’ll also receive my “Un-think Self-Sabotage” worksheets. Working through the worksheets will teach you simple but powerful ways to transform any sabatoging thought patterns so that you can start making changes to your life. I've assembled these worksheets from years of research and practice, both on myself and on my clients! 

You can also feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation. I’ll be happy to speak with you to discuss how I can help you, so that you can decide if hypnotherapy is right for you.

Thanks for visiting my site.

Warmly, Kristin Prevallet


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